Document Management

Digitized documents in Daylite

Exklusiv für Mac, iPhone & iPad

Document Management

Digitized documents in Daylite

Exklusiv für Mac, iPhone & iPad

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CRM Daylite Apple Mac Search Document

Document searching made simple

With Plus Package for Daylite, you can search for content or specific keywords within your library of documents. As documents are added within the system, they are automatically indexed as a separate tab within each Daylite contact.

CRM Daylite Apple Mac Document iPhone Scan

Your iPhone becomes a document scanner

Use your iPhone to scan documents directly to Daylite on your Mac.

CRM Daylite Apple Mac Document Scan

Scanner Interface

Connect to the Fujitsu ScanSnap Scanner and scan directly to your Daylite system.

Digitize your letter mail and keep everything in one cohesive spot

Trying to wrap your head around where you left that important client contract? Daylite’s document management service allows you to store files directly on a contact or company record – eliminating the hassle of finding misplaced documents.

However, our document extension goes one step further: thanks to the integrated index feature, all documents are searchable by content. Keep all your tangible documents in one secure place by using your iPhone or a desktop scanner to store them digitally in Daylite. Although your team can access all documents, you can restrict entry to any confidential or sensitive documents by implementing access permissions.

Most important features

  • iPhone scanner: Scan documents directly to Daylite on your Mac using your iPhone
  • Scanner connection: Connect desktop scanners to Daylite
  • Automatic indexing New documents are automatically added to a contact record and are made searchable
  • Full-text search: Filter your search criteria by content in order to find specific documents
  • Individual document tab: All documents pertaining to a person or company are listed on the contact’s record
  • Access rights: Use Daylite’s access permissions to hide sensitive documents
  • Conversion: Convert documents to PDF and print them through your Daylite system

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