Web Services

Integrate the web into Daylite

Exclusively for Mac, iPhone & iPad

Web Services

Integrate the web into Daylite

Exclusively for Mac, iPhone & iPad

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Websites directly link to projects and opportunities

Save web page content and add it to your projects and opportunities so that it’s accessible to the entire team.

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Web browser in Daylite

Search the Internet directly in Daylite. Whether Google or social networks – find contacts and create them in Daylite with copy & paste.

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LinkedIn, XING, web services

Display additional information about a person, save it as a webpage, and connect it to a Daylite contact. Retrieve travel information and exchange flights using your data stored in Daylite.

Additional information quickly available

The Internet houses a wealth of information that will compliment your contact database. With the Web function from Web&Map, you’re able to access and save web content directly to your contact record. Using information portals, you can quickly find a hotel room, train connection, or explore the quickest route to your destination. Using your Daylite data, create your own dynamic queries to source relevant search results.

Most important features

  • Web browser: Fully functional web browser in Daylite
  • Web Search: Existing search templates for travel information and well-known social media platforms
  • Custom Search: Create your own search queries based on your Daylite data
  • Web pages in Daylite: Save web page content directly to a contact, opportunity, or a project
  • Route planning with Google Maps: Find the most direct route to your customer with just one click.


  • Web browser

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