Sales Management

Keep an eye on the profitability of your sales force

Exclusively for Mac, iPhone & iPad

Sales Management

Keep an eye on the profitability of your sales force

Exclusively for Mac, iPhone & iPad

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Pipeline & Forecast Management

Meaningful reports and boards help you successfully move through the sales funnel while keeping vigilant of which sales phase requires extra attention.


Cost per opportunity

See at a glance which travel and personnel expenses have been included within your sales processes.


Product-specific evaluations

Recognize which products are most successful and understand why you’re winning or losing sales opportunities.

Keep an eye on your sales growth and profitability

Products or services that need additional explanation require qualified, and therefore expensive, personnel. With this in mind, it’s important to distribute your time sensibly and concentrate on prospective customers that are genuinely interested.
The integrated cost control feature is always running in Plus Package for Daylite. Are you making a telephone call or have an on-site appointment booked with a colleague? With Daylite, your phone logs and calendar entries are automatically transmitted into Plus Package for Daylite, allowing you to determine the cost of a sales project in real-time.

Most important features

  • Sales Opportunities: Access a meaningful depiction of your Sales Funnel and all your sales opportunities
  • Reports: Analytical reports at the product and service level
  • Cost Tracking: Track costs for all sales activities running in the background
  • Analyses: Optional pivot evaluation with self-defined values

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