Mass SMS

Send SMS directly from Daylite

Exclusively for Mac, iPhone & iPad

Mass SMS

Send SMS directly from Daylite

Exclusively for Mac, iPhone & iPad

CRM Daylite Apple Mac - Text

Text Templates

Create standardized text message templates in Daylite and send them with one click. Create placeholders for the salutation, name, or the next upcoming appointment.

CRM Daylite Apple Mac Text Conversation iPhone

Mass text with your iPhone

Send seemingly personalized text messages to a large group of recipients.

CRM Apple Mac Text Message Twilio

Professional Text Services

Use professional test services like Twilio to send your SMS throughout your company with the same phone number.

Text messages attract more attention

Do you need to relay time-sensitive information to your customer, such as a reminder of an upcoming appointment or confirmation of product delivery? Get their attention quickly through test messages.
With the text function, you can create templates tailored for any situation and send personalized text messages to one or more customers with just a click.

Most important feature

  • SMS templates: Customize your own personal templates for text messages
  • Mass text messages: Send an individualized SMS to multiple Daylite contacts
  • iPhone integration: Use your iPhone to send texts from Daylite
  • Professional SMS Services: Use the SMS service Twilio to send company-wide texts from the same number



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