Mass mails with Apple Mail

Automate your mail traffic

Exclusively for Mac, iPhone & iPad

Mass mails with Apple Mail

Automate your mail traffic

Exclusively for Mac, iPhone & iPad

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CRM Daylite Mac Personalisierte E-Mail Vorlagen.png

Personalized email templates

Create templates for your emails with complete salutations and make them look like an individual email.

CRM Daylite Mac mehrere E-Mails mit einem Klick.png

Send several mails with one click

Send an individual email to a list of contacts with one click.

CRM Daylite Apple Mac Kunden Historie E-Mail.png

Automatic email history

Find every sent email on the personal and company record of the corresponding contact.

Automate your individual mail traffic

The amount of emails that you have to send in your daily business is constantly increasing. Often the same emails to different customers are written again and again. Daylite allows you to create templates for your emails which you can then send to a single person or a group of contacts with one click. Thanks to variable placeholders, each customer is addressed personally without the sent email looking like it is from a template. Each email sent is automatically linked to the personal and company data record and, if available, to ongoing projects or sales opportunities. So everyone in your team always has an overview of the communication history and you ensure that your standard mails are free of typing errors.

Most important features

  • Custom Email Templates: Create personalized email templates for use in Apple Mail and share them with your team.
  • Mass emailing: Send emails to a group of recipients, including personalized salutation, with one click.
  • Automatic linking: Everyone in the team can track email correspondence with each contact. Regardless of who sent the email.


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