Daylite Automator

You provide the logic – we provide the script

Exclusively for Mac, iPhone & iPad

Daylite Automator

You provide the logic – we provide the script

Exclusively for Mac, iPhone & iPad

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Start your custom workflow with a single right click.

Start your custom workflow with a single right-click.


Automate routine processes

If you identify workflows in your company that are repeated over and over again, you can automate them via a script and save yourself time and money.


Timed actions

If there are activities that need to be done, for example, every hour or once a day, the Daylite Automator can do it for you automatically.

What you can do in Daylite with a mouse & keyboard, you can also automate

The Daylite Automator from Plus Package for Daylite helps you to automate recurring activities using a predefined script.
Let’s say you need a company’s address added to the location field of an appointment so you can navigate with your car or iPhone via the Calendar app. Instead of doing this with repeated copy & paste you can use the included Daylite Automator action “Transfer primary address to the appointment” to perform this action for many appointments at once with a single click.
Or what if you want to make sure that every colleague who has not filled in certain fields on a record is notified? The Daylite Automator creates a daily task for each incomplete record and delegates the task to you or the creator of the original record.
Nearly every action in Daylite can be automated with a script. There are no limits to your imagination. Have something you need automated? Talk to us!

Most important features

  • Your own action chain: Define a sequence of actions you want to perform in Daylite with one click. We make the script for you.
  • Your own right-click: Add your own individual action chain to the right-click menu to run it quickly.
  • Timed actions: Each action chain can also run independently in the background at fixed intervals.
  • Affordable customization: The Automator is part of ProductivityTools. The actual customization is done by creating a script. In contrast to complex custom developments, scripts are simpler and therefore cheaper to implement.

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