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Nösenberger Pferdefutter

Branch:           Feed Manufacturer

Seats:               09

Website:          http://www.noesenberger.de


In 1972 Horst von zur Gathen, agricultural master on the Nösenberg estate in the Rhineland and a passionate rider, turned his vision into reality. He refined his high-quality, home-grown grain with additional components. The result was a feed with which he was able to feed his horses structurally correct and healthy. This quality concept prevailed, and Horst von zur Gathen began to sell his horse feed first in the surrounding area and then nationwide. Today his son Arnd von zur Gathen continues the Nösenberger Pferdefutter business. “Development, cultivation, production and consulting are still in one hand so that we can monitor and maintain our high quality standards”.

Especially the nationwide distribution and the demand for a very individual, high-quality customer service make the use of the most modern technology in the company indispensable. In 2011, owner Arnd von zur Gathen decided to switch from the existing Windows system to the Apple world.

The company was looking for a system that would make all customer communication available quickly and transparently. The particular challenge here was the fact that customer service should not only be provided from the headquarters in Hanau, but should also be possible from the other company-owned locations.

Both automatic dialing from the application and the signaling of incoming calls were to be enabled by the new Mac-based CRM solution.

After intensive research it became clear that only Daylite, in combination with a Starface PBX, could provide the desired functionality. Since the enterprise resource planning including the complete accounting system was also to be converted to a native Mac OS X software, the use of TOPIX:8 was the logical consequence for these areas.

The implementation of the entire software, including the connection to the telephone system and the creation of the individual invoice templates, was completed in a period of only about six weeks.

Today the team of five is working on five iMacs, two iPhones and two iPads iOS with the combination of Daylite CRM, Topix:8 merchandise management and Starface telephone system.

“Thanks to the perfect interaction of all components, we were able to completely automate many manual processes. Especially the integration of e-mail communication is very important for our daily work. With Daylite Touch on the iPhone and iPad we are always ready to provide information to our customers even when we are on the road or at trade fairs. In our emotional business, it is simply beneficial to know the name of the horse in question even after months”.

Spurred on by the fast and smooth implementation of the project, Arnd von zur Gathen has already set his sights on the next project: “The connection of the online store to our Topix system closes the last gap in our networked Apple software world”.