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Ralph Goldschmidt

Branch:           Trainer

Seats:               05

Website:          http://www.ralph-goldschmidt.de


Ralph Goldschmidt has touched, moved and inspired many thousands of listeners in the last 15 years. The stirring speaker & coach is a sought-after expert in press and television when it comes to his heartfelt topics: “Balance instead of Burnout” and “Powerfully through the crisis”.

He finds happiness in his own vineyard as well as on the tennis court. Well-fueled up, he brings his top performances on stage and as a lecturer at several universities.

Ralph Goldschmidt does work for most of the DAX30 companies. The business coach has a lot to offer both medium-sized companies and global players. Ralph Goldschmidt is a passionate speaker. Energetic, charming and inspiring, he helps his participants to really achieve their goals.

“Even the switch to the Mac was a big step towards an improved organization for us. Things are simply easier to find and manage on a Mac,” says Andrea Kremser, Business Manager at Goldschmidt and Friends. In 2011, the Goldschmidt & Friends team decided to switch their entire infrastructure from Windows to Apple. One iMac and four MacBooks are now the preferred working tools for the team around Ralph Goldschmidt. Since they were looking for a system that would support both the sales staff and their colleagues in the organization as a central tool for everyday office work, they quickly decided on Daylite.

The software in which not only the individual acquisition process can be mapped, but which also supports the handling of seminars and lectures with the help of its integrated project management and email interface, was what the Mac business switchers were missing. After one year of use, Mrs. Kremser draws the following conclusion:

“Daylite is more than just a database, it is a networking tool that gives structure to our administration and in which we can map our individual processes”.