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Innovationscoach Benno von Aerssen

Branch:          Trainer / Coaching

Seats:              01

Webeite:        http://www.ideenfindung.de

Benno van Aerssen offers idea generation, innovation coaching, and innovation culture for companies, teams, and brands.
He is a coach, trainer, and lateral thinker for teams. As a speaker and author, he reaches people across the stage with creativity, ideas, passion and empathy.
In addition, he supports companies by increasing the innovation potential in teams and developing inventiveness, lateral thinking and new perspectives.
His first book “Revolutionary Innovation Management” was published by mi-Wirtschaftsverlag Munich in September 2009.
Benno van Aerssen has dedicated himself to creating new framework conditions that are conducive to the emergence of creativity and a culture of innovation.
Benno van Aerssen has always run his business entirely with Apple products and describes himself as an enthusiastic Apple user.
In daily planning and customer and project management, he fully relies on Daylite – even on the road.
“Daylite is the only CRM system that was developed exclusively for Mac and I can customize it to my business – that convinces me!”
Benno van Aerssen attaches great importance to being able to manage all his data himself, without a cloud system.
He describes Daylite as a “chic, professional and modelable tool. Daylite fits like a tailor-made suit!“