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HWB Furniere und Holzwerkstoffe GmbH

Branch:         Timber Trade

Seats:             12

Website:        http://www.hwb-furniere.de


In cruise liners, store fittings, hotels, and perhaps in your living room, you will find the products that HWB is all about.

The company successfully sells veneers and high-quality wood surfaces throughout Germany. Meanwhile, the 2006-created company employs eleven coworkers. Until 2008, the company worked with a Windows-based merchandise management system. The high costs of maintaining the software and the PC network were the decisive reason that managing director Frank Loebel decided to switch to a Mac network.

With the change to the new operating system, the company not only wanted to find a more modern merchandise management system, but also a system that would support the expanding sales department. After extensive market research, the decision was made to use a combination of Daylite and TOPIX:8.

Contact management, appointment, and task management, as well as the entire quotation system and the monitoring of sales opportunities, are carried out in Daylite. As soon as it becomes commercial, e.g. delivery bills and invoices are written and the warehouse must be monitored, TOPIX:8 is used.

Both software solutions are installed on the six Macs throughout the headquarters, the field service team works almost exclusively with Daylite for iPad. Double data storage is avoided by the interface between Daylite and TOPIX:8 provided by iOSXpert. “The interface not only saves us the double creation of customer data records but also provides us with the most important sales information in real-time in our Daylite system. Without the use of these systems, we would not have been able to expand our nationwide sales so quickly”, says Loebel. “Since we have been using Daylite, our sales structure has improved many times over; all employees are only a mouse click away from all the information they need”.

To make the integration perfect, HWB not only uses Daylite and TOPIX:8, but also has a Starface telephone system in operation. The reasons for the purchase of this telephone system were not only its good integration possibilities into the Mac network, but above all else, the endless possibilities that the telephone system offers the growing company.