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European Business Ecademy

Branch:             Trainer / Coaching

Seats:                 03

Website:            http://www.european-business-ecademy.de/


The European Business Ecademy emerged from a group of renowned trainers and consultants with practical professional experience in leading positions and several years of consulting and training experience.
In extra-occupational adult education and in enterprise coaching, the success of the Business Ecademy’s participants is the center of all its activities: the team of award-winning trainers, coaches, and consultants offer the best possible and most comprehensive support in achieving individual goals for each client and participant.
After switching to the Mac platform in 2009, the European Business Ecademy has relied exclusively on Daylite to organize and manage customer and contact data.
Christian R. Hanisch, the head of the European Business Ecademy, swears by Daylite Touch on his iPhone: “Even at seminars, I always have uncomplicated access to all important data”.
Tanja Geppert, Office Manager of the European Business Ecademy, is enthusiastic about the very intuitive way of managing contacts and organizations: “Thanks to Daylite, we can address our customers and participants much better because we are always fully informed”.
She is also impressed by the ease of use of the calendar and e-mail integration: “Our customer data is now located exclusively in Daylite so that we have all relevant information about our participants and customers at our fingertips anytime and anywhere”.
But she especially appreciates the contact history Daylite offers her: with just one click, she can view the current status and any past communication with customers, partners, and participants; a function that improves the quality of individual contact management and avoids unnecessary work.