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Branch:          Model-Agency

Seats:              06

Website:         http://www.elbmodels.de


The 2007 established company elbmodels is an agency for the 30+ generation. With offices in Hamburg and Munich, Paula Urban and Knut Schulz’s engaged team models for film and photo productions at advertising agencies, editorships, and for photographers. The age of the models and senior models begins where it ends with other modeling agencies.

To ensure realistic pictures, elbmodels offers a wide range of models, from amateur models to mature senior models, representing the modern lifestyle of adults in different facets.

Since 2009, the five-member team around Paula Urban and Knut Schulz uses Daylite not only for acquisition and contact management, but especially for the coordination of assignment dates for the models in charge.

The client-server functionality of Daylite enables seamless collaboration of colleagues at both the Munich and Hamburg locations. If a colleague in Hamburg changes an appointment, it can also be accessed in the Munich office or while on the road. Thus, all colleagues have access to all areas at any time, regardless of their location.

“Being able to use all addresses, every appointment and even all jobs in one system, regardless of location, was the decisive reason for purchasing Daylite,” says Knut Schulz. What amazes the managing director most after three years of using Daylite is the fact that despite extensive use, Daylite is the program for which he has the least maintenance effort.