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Branch:                Engineering Companies and Personnel Consultants

Seats:                   09

Website:             http://www.consinion.de


The core topic at consinion is having the best personnel.

In addition to the classic services of a personnel agency, consinion also offers its clients interim management and temporary specialists. From engineers and account managers to physicists with specialized knowledge, the 9-member team provides specialists and executives.

2009 was the year of the switch from Windows to Mac. In the beginning, the company was only looking for a calendar system that would give all employees access to appointments, even when they were on the road. They found Daylite, which is now not only used to manage appointments but to control the entire company.

“Since we have been using Daylite, we have brought much more transparency to our processes and have become much faster. Nothing works better,” says Joachim Lang, the founder and managing director of consinion.

“The Mac Mini Server has been running for almost 3 years and we have never had to deal with viruses or crashes. The decision to switch to Mac and Daylite was the best IT decision I have made as an entrepreneur.”

The synchronization technology allows all employees to access all relevant information at any time, even on-site at the customer’s premises; regardless of whether there is internet access or not.

The extent to which Daylite is used is constantly increasing. The next steps have already been decided: integration of their telephone system and billing of projects.