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Lead Scoring

Categorize your leads

Exclusively for Mac, iPhone & iPad

Lead Scoring

Categorize your leads

Exclusively for Mac, iPhone & iPad


Categorize your leads

Segment your prospects according to their level of interest. Use color coding for potential, warm, and hot leads.


Tag specific interests

Use keywords to note areas of interest and quickly select prospective customers for special products or services.


Assign priorities

Prioritize your contacts by importance and see in a flash who you should talk to next.

Know who to look after

Use your valuable time wisely and take care of the most important contacts first. Daylite lets you label your prospects and customers in different dimensions. Who has the greatest interest, where is the highest probability of closing a deal and which services are a customer most interested in? Daylite answers these questions quickly and precisely. Use smart lists to create segments of your prospects and check who you have not contacted in a while.

Most important features

  • Color coding: See at first glance what potential a lead has. And if you use our phone integration, Fone&Text, you’ll see even see this from the very first call from your lead.
  • Interest tags: Tag the interests of your customers using keywords to quickly know what is most important to your customer.
  • Prioritization: Prioritize your contacts by importance and use smart lists to ensure that you contact your most important customers often enough.
  • Segmentation: Segment your prospects based on multiple elements, such as priority, interest, and likelihood to buy.

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