macOS Integrations

Tap the full potential of macOS with Daylite

Exclusively for Mac, iPhone & iPad

macOS Integrations

Tap the full potential of macOS with Daylite

Exclusively for Mac, iPhone & iPad

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CRM Daylite Mac Integration with Apple Mail

Apple Mail Integration

Daylite copies emails from Apple Mail and syncs them with your Daylite contacts. Create tasks, projects, appointments, and opportunities directly from Apple Mail.

CRM Daylite Mac Apple Contacts Calendar

Automatically Sync your Calendar and Address Book

Sync your Apple Calendar and contacts with Daylite. With two-way synchronization, every new appointment or contact created will be automatically displayed in Daylite and vice versa.

CRM Daylite Mac Apple Pages Numbers

Pages & Numbers Integration

Create Pages and Numbers documents directly from Daylite. Since each document is linked to your Daylite record, You can automatically insert any information from Daylite.

Generate new possibilities with familiar programs

Work with familiar favorites – but with an elevated twist!
The Daylite Mail Assistant (DMA) integrates with Apple Mail, making both incoming and outgoing mail visible to your entire team within Daylite.
Recipient addresses and salutations are automatically incorporated into Pages documents; even complex contracts can be automatically individualized.
With Daylite available on all compatible Apple devices, such as your iPhone or iPad, you can create tasks or appointments through Siri.

Most important features

  • Apple Address Book: Two-way synchronization with Apple Address Book
  • Apple Calendar: Two-way sync with your Apple Calendar; each new appointment also appears in iCal
  • Calendar Subscriptions: Subscribe to publicly available calendars, such as holidays or sporting events
  • Templates: Access central Pages templates and automatically create letters or contract documents
  • Siri: Use Siri under iOS to create tasks or appointments in Daylit
  • Notification Center: Receive reminders through Apple’s Notification Center

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