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Course: Finding Contacts

Being able to find your contacts in Daylite is as important as creating them in Daylite. Daylite offers various ways to find contacts. This course covers searching and finding contacts and their information in your Daylite database. We’ll touch base when it’s best to search and when it’s best to filter for results.

We’ll cover these topics:
– Searching
– Filtering contacts
– Sorting contacts

Duration: about 45 minutes


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How do I use the global search?

How can I find contacts in the activity history?

Test: Searching contacts in activity history and global search

How can I find linked contacts?

How can I search for contacts in Apple Mail?

Test: Searching Contacts


What is the differences between searching and filtering?

How do I use simple filters?

How do I use complex filters?

How do I use filters with a time range?

How do I use Insightview?

Test: Filtering Contacts


How do I sort contacts?

Test: Sorting Contacts