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Course: Apple Mail Integration

Does this sound familiar:

An email from a client comes in asking you to do something and you forward it to a co-worker.
A client is calling you and reffering to an email they sent but you’re not aware of it.
A client is talking about an email from 2 years ago.
These are all examples from daily life where Daylite’s integration with Apple Mail helps.
Every email received can be stored centrally with its attachments and visible within the client history so that the entire team has quick access.
Instead of forwarding emails you can set up traceable Daylite tasks. That way you’re always able to answer all questions and you know when tasks get done.

Duration: about 60 minutes


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How do I activate the Daylite Mail Assistant?

How do I configure the Daylite Mail Assistant?

Test: Installation and basic settings


What’s the advantage of a central e-mail storage?

How do I link e-mails with people and companies?

How do I link e-mails with projects and opportunities?

How do I link e-mails with appointments?

How do I link e-mails to tasks and how do I delegate them?

Test: Incoming Mail


How do I write a linked e-mail?

How do I write an e-mail with a template?

Test: Outgoing Emails