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sonntag.tv GmbH

Branch:           Cabaret Artist

Seats:               21

Website:         http://www.sonntag.tv


Christoph Sonntag has been one of Germany’s most famous cabaret artists and remarkable satirical entertainers for over twenty years, with more than 150 live performances per year.
His daily radio work for SWR3 as well as his many television appearances give him the professional superstructure for this task. Christoph Sonntag is a radio star in the ‘Wild South’: almost two thousand current glosses by and with him have been broadcast to date in the broadcasting area between Cologne and Constance, Strasbourg, and Augsburg. At SWR Television, Christoph Sonntag has been present in a wide variety of appearances for years. He also enriches the television landscape nationwide with guest appearances on 3sat (‘3satfestival’, ‘alles muss raus’), in WDR (‘Stratmann’s’) and BR (‘Otti’s Schlachthof’).
Christoph Sonntag is also involved with his own foundation, the ‘STIPHTUNG CHRISTOPH SONNTAG’. The Stiphtung Christoph Sonntag is a non-profit society that was created in August 2007 with an initiative to clean the Max Eyth Lake Stuttgart, and set a high initial donation goal that it is well on its way to achieving. Further projects have been developed as well: for example, the two-day SWR3 lake festival has been held every year since 2008 and open-air lessons in the classroom by the lake are already entering their third round this year. In addition, since 2010, the foundation has been traveling to ten secondary schools in Baden-Württemberg every year in order to support children and young people’s health and wellbeing.
Food, table & culture to inspire. With its latest project, Star Catcher, the foundation is committed to helping sick, disabled, and poor children.
Sonntag.tv GmbH is a full-service agency in the field of booking, artist marketing, event management, project management, and marketing, based in Stuttgart. Sonntag.TV GmbH develops and implements, among other things, alternative communication solutions with a focus on live-marketing, cooperation, and event marketing. The team around Christoph Sonntag has been Mac users from the very beginning.
“After it became clear in 2011 that the increasing workload required a central management system for all employees of the agency, we came across Daylite after a short search,” says Holger Graf from sonntag.tv GmbH.
“Address book and Bento were simply no longer a solution to meet the increased requirements”. After all, the team not only manages the agency’s operations but also works for Stiphtung Christoph Sonntag and the Max-Eyth-See initiative. “With Daylite, we have found a system that can cover all requirements from our very different work areas in one system. Many of our routine tasks are extremely simplified. All colleagues regard Daylite as an enrichment”.
Currently, Daylite is used on “Sonnntags“ on 13 Macs, 6 iPhones, and 2 iPads.