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System requirements

Tip: If you want to avoid any upgrade costs in the future, please contact us for a switch to Daylite Cloud.

Below you find a compatibility overview of all offered products:

green_12x12 – compatible
orange_12x12 – soon compatible
red_12x12 – not compatible


Daylite Cloudorange_12x12green_12x12green_12x12green_12x12red_12x12red_12x12red_12x12
Daylite Legacyred_12x12red_12x12red_12x12green_12x12green_12x12green_12x12green_12x12
Daylite Serverred_12x12red_12x12red_12x12green_12x12green_12x12green_12x12green_12x12
Daylite Cloud Mail Assistantorange_12x12green_12x12green_12x12green_12x12red_12x12red_12x12red_12x12
Legacy Mail Assistantred_12x12red_12x12red_12x12green_12x12green_12x12green_12x12green_12x12
Daylite Cloud TouchiOS 14 orange_12x12iOS 13 green_12x12iOS 12 green_12x12iOS 11 red_12x12iOS 10 red_12x12iOS 9 red_12x12
Daylite Touch LegacyiOS 14 red_12x12iOS 13 red_12x12iOS 12 red_12x12iOS 11 green_12x12iOS 10 green_12x12iOS 9 red_12x12

Technical Support

For telephone support or remote maintenance (download) we charge 30,00€* per unit of 15 minutes.

Simply make an appointment online:

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Why is telephone support not free of charge?

The systems we offer are very extensive in their functions. Our consulting team consists of highly qualified employees who not only provide technical support but can also answer conceptual questions. The products we offer are comparatively inexpensive. As a trading partner of the software manufacturers represented by us, we receive a small share of the sales price of the software, but this is not enough to be able to offer free consulting in general.

E-mail Support

We support you and your team permanently. Our support team will be happy to assist you by e-mail!

Request a ticket