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3 favourite Daylite plugins have new features that you should try

Initiate phone calls with one click, use your iPhone to scan documents for Daylite and work more easily with large Kanban Boards. We used the beginning of the year to improve our popular Daylite extensions DayliteDocs, Boards and Fone&Text for you. Our document manager is now integrated even better with Daylite. Now you can also use your […]

Automatic time tracking now integrated into Daylite

Automatic time tracking is becoming more and more important. Let’s be honest: time tracking is cumbersome and gets neglected often. Who really puts in the effort at the end of the workday to track all of the day’s activities like computer times, meetings, phone conversations consistently? Even more important: Who can even remember all activities […]

4 great improvements for Time&Budget users

With all that wet and rainy weather in April we found enough time to add four great new features for you to our Time&Budget plugin. If you are already working hard with Time&Budget we hope you will find the new capabilities to be helpful. Budget thresholds The thresholds in projects help you to quickly distinguish […]

Knowledge instead of advice: Sales Analysis and Sales Forecast

No other division is as number-driven as sales. What does the forecast look like? How can I optimize my sales potential? Using your gut feeling is outdated. Daylite already offers you some tools to manage your sales. As strategic planning instruments, iOSXpert now offers you 2 new reports: Sales Forecast and Sales Analysis. Sales Analysis […]

QuickBooks & Daylite working together finally

For many small business owners, bookkeeping and accounting is a necessary, but hardly enjoyable part of running a business. So whatever you can do to reduce the amount of time you spend creating invoices, reconciling bank accounts, tracking expenses and calculating sales tax remittance, the better. QuickBooks has long been a leader in accounting software. […]

New feature: Email template engine in ProductivityTools

It’s 3:30 PM. You’re sitting at your desk staring at another blank email window. The cursor blinking at you, taunting you to write words with every pulse. A sense of deja vu comes over you as you start writing yet another follow up email to a prospect. Your thoughts wander as you try to figure […]

Daylite and Slack are now best friends!

The latest addition to the iOSXpert plugin family is Daylite Slack Integration. Slack is a hub for your internal communication, making it easier and more efficient. We have integrated Slack as a new feature into our EmailMarketing plugin. Because of this addition, EmailMarketing expands from managing external communication to also include internal communication, we are […]

Online Scheduling Integration available for Daylite

Customer appointments are crucial for your business success. Does it sound familiar to you: You send e-mails back and forth or make several phone calls to find a suitable date. This costs a lot of time that you could use more profitable for your business. Have you ever dreamed that your appointments were arranged automatically? […]

New: Zoom integration for Daylite available!

The Daylite extension ProductivityTools is the Swiss army knife among the plugins: A collection of many powerful functions that make working with Daylite even easier. The latest feature makes the tool even sharper: Daylite is now compatible with Zoom. Online meetings become as easy as making appointments. Zoom is one of the leading software solutions […]

Season’s Greetings with Daylite

Christmas mailing comes but once a year. Have you already made up your mind how your annual Christmas greetings shall look like? Take advantage of our online training at a special rate: 2 hour training course including letter and email templates for just $99* You’ll not just learn how to master your Christmas mailings but also […]