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New feature: Email template engine in ProductivityTools

It’s 3:30 PM. You’re sitting at your desk staring at another blank email window. The cursor blinking at you, taunting you to write words with every pulse. A sense of deja vu comes over you as you start writing yet another follow up email to a prospect. Your thoughts wander as you try to figure […]

Daylite and Slack are now best friends!

The latest addition to the iOSXpert plugin family is Daylite Slack Integration. Slack is a hub for your internal communication, making it easier and more efficient. We have integrated Slack as a new feature into our EmailMarketing plugin. Because of this addition, EmailMarketing expands from managing external communication to also include internal communication, we are […]

Online Scheduling Integration available for Daylite

Customer appointments are crucial for your business success. Does it sound familiar to you: You send e-mails back and forth or make several phone calls to find a suitable date. This costs a lot of time that you could use more profitable for your business. Have you ever dreamed that your appointments were arranged automatically? […]

New: Zoom integration for Daylite available!

The Daylite extension ProductivityTools is the Swiss army knife among the plugins: A collection of many powerful functions that make working with Daylite even easier. The latest feature makes the tool even sharper: Daylite is now compatible with Zoom. Online meetings become as easy as making appointments. Zoom is one of the leading software solutions […]

Season’s Greetings with Daylite

Christmas mailing comes but once a year. Have you already made up your mind how your annual Christmas greetings shall look like? Take advantage of our online training at a special rate: 2 hour training course including letter and email templates for just $99* You’ll not just learn how to master your Christmas mailings but also […]

🎬Daylite in Action!

What is it, what an insurance agency, a interior studio and two wedding photographers have in common? All of them are using Daylite to simplify their daily workflow. Our customers told us in front of the camera why they use it. On of the reasons they use Daylite: It interacts seamless with the native apps on […]

New Business Hours

More time for your calls and questions! As of now we offer you extended business hours and North American phone numbers: Canada: +1 647 945 8099 USA: +1 646 883 2982 Mo – Thu: 3:00 am – 3:00 pm (EST) Friday: 3:00 am – 12:00 pm (EST) Our none American customers can still reach us at our German phone […]

Sales Cockpit for Daylite is here!

Keep an eye on your revenues with the new Sales Cockpit for Daylite. The Multi-stage pipelines indicate how much revenue is to be expected from your Daylite opportunities and potential customers. The clever sales analysis takes advantage of data that already exists in your Daylite database. Color-codes highlight needs to act. This enables you to identify potential […]

DayliteTip: Optimize your projects with pipelines

Process optimization with Daylite Pipelines Many projects are routine. Answering requests in the user support or dealing with the sales process follow the same way every time. Pipelines will help you to increase your productivity and to save working time. Define your pipelines individually to make that they fit to your processes. Plan your projects […]